How Childcare Centers Can Deal with First-Time Parents

August 6, By Rahul Beri

The goal of a childcare center to develop positive relationships with parents should get past and evolve beyond the traditional norm. In the quest to adopt modern methods to handle children, childcare centers should also use modern techniques to satisfy the needs and concerns of the parents. And this rings truer for first-time parents.

If the first time parents live in your neighborhood, possibly related, or have mutual acquaintance; building a lasting relationship based on trust becomes more probable to achieve.

Focus on the Solution

The fact is first-time parents can be more focused on their children, and this justifies their need to know all the details beforehand. A childcare center needs to realize the feelings of the parents how those feelings could have a cause-and-effect relation to finding a viable solution.

Take an approach that fits the needs of the parents and as well solves the problem. Also, don’t blow the bridge of dialogue, continue the discussion with the parents even after finding the solution.

Keep Parents in the Loop

It is normal to be overly worried about your child when you are a first-time parent. You want a better way to know what your child is doing and a text message just doesn’t cut it for you. The usual way for childcare center staff to put your mind at peace is to share timestamps of your child’s activities. That’s where PREto3 app plays a vital role for parents and the staff. First, it is a perfect daycare monitoring app for parents to monitor the time of their child’s daily activities such as when he/she’s having snacks, playing outdoor, or having a diaper change. Secondly, and more importantly, the teacher in charge at that time can also send pictures and videos of the child for parents to see.  

It allows the centers to propagate effective communication. Over time, the abundance of media would inevitably put parents’ mind at ease.

Listen with Empathy

The best practice a childcare center can put into effect is listening to every single concern of first-time parents with empathy. The trick is to allow parents to speak out first without interruption so they could feel at ease. Let the first time parents know that you understand their feelings and without being dismissive or judgemental.

Take Child’s Perspective into Account

A best childcare management software constantly leads to a joint effort to solve problems. And that collaborative effort means considering a particular matter from the child’s point-of-view. Children can reframe an issue in a simpler form, which may allow a childcare center professional to look for a more strategic solution without confusing first-time parents.

Develop the Plan with Parents

The prime goal of a professional childcare center is to partner with the parents to resolve issues. Without being personal or confrontational, use the “I” statements to phrase or rephrase a problem.

Find a Middle Ground

It is never too late or early to ask the parents regarding possible steps that he or she wants to take. Finding a middle ground or compromise means not jumping around each step of the way. Compare and analyze the commonalities both parties could agree and work on.

Make Sure to Follow-Up

Sure, the nature of the relationship with the first time parents will inevitably evolve and grow in time. This end goal, however, depends on the continuous check-in with the parents on the mutually agreed plan. Don’t let the hesitation dwindle the tempo of communication. Thus, make necessary adjustments and inform the rational reasoning to the parents.

Preto3, for instance, helps schools amalgamate and manage students’ daily activities. The all-in-one software integrates communication set up with parents (timestamps, videos, and pictures of child’s daily activities), instant online enrollment,  automated billing solution, quick check in-out for students and staff. Additionally, it can send late pick up notice to parents and maintain the schools’ records. Simultaneously, the robust functioning of Pre to 3 allows schools or academic institutions to make necessary schedules and reminders instantaneously.

The Last Word

The first time parents want to shrug the weight off their shoulders that they’ve entrusted their child’s well-being in the hands of a professional childcare center. Convey to the parents with subtlety, confidence, and care about the finality of their decision. Let them know they can rely on your trustworthiness partnership and competency.

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